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Diamond Trucks | LCV Stock Update

Diamond Trucks has recently welcomed a number of new Renault vans to its inventory, which have subsequently been added to our van stock page on the Diamond Trucks website. Join us in this blog, as we offer a brief glimpse into some of these new vans.

The first of the list is this sleek looking Renault Trafic panel van Hackney Taxi conversion. This Trafic taxi van, separates the driver from the passengers and comfortably seats 6 people. It comes fitted with a number of attractive features such as an infotainment center, heated seats and a reversing camera. If you want learn more about this Hackney Taxi conversion, then you can visit its listing here: Renault-trafic-taxi (

Another addition to our inventory is this Renault Trafic L2H1 Crewcab 'Exclusive Edition' Van. This elegant grey van boasts a host of premium features similar to those found in our Hackney Taxi conversion. With seating for five passengers and ample storage space in the rear, this van is as practical as it is stylish. Explore its listing here: Renault Trafic L2H1 Crewcab | Diamond Trucks

The third Van to recently come in stock, is this Renault L4H2 Master van. Thanks to its extended length, this Master van offers a generous storage capacity customizable to your requirements. Notable features include a stylish chrome grille and a foldable middle seat, providing additional storage options. Explore this 165 Bhp, manual transmission Master van here: Renault Master L4H2 | Diamond Trucks

Lastly, as part of a recent part exchange, Diamond trucks has updated its stock with this Vauxhall Movano L3H2 Panel Van F3500 CDTI. The Van has only done 89,987 Miles and comes with a 130 Bhp Manual Transmission gearbox. This Vauxhall Van is in great condition and is perfect for anybody who is looking for a used low milage panel van. To find out more about it, view here: Used L2H1 Trafic Van | Diamond Trucks

These are just a handful of vans that Diamond Trucks has taken into its inventory over the last few weeks and months. To view everything that we have in stock, you can visit our main van stock page here: VAN STOCK | Diamond Trucks, Traffic Vans, Master Vans .

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