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Renault Trafic panel Van L2H2

Diamond Trucks offer a New Renault Trafic panel L2H2 van with a 150 Bhp engine and a manual gearbox.

  1. Model: Renault Trafic panel Van

  2. Engine: 150 bhp

  3. Transmission Options: Manual

  4. Exterior Paint: Metallic Paint

6. Other Features:

  • Cruise Control

  • Folding middle seat for extra storage

  • Load area LED lighting

  • Chrome Grille



Contact one of our sales representatives if you are interested or want to find out more about the van.

Ian Mcmullan

Warrington, UK

Van Sales Manager
07842 422 203

Eileen Cuthbert

Warrington, UK

LCV Sales Executive
07842 429 333

George Crooks

Belfast, NI

LCV Sales Executive

07923 259 824

Ruairi Donnelly

Belfast, NI

LCV Sales Executive

07842 433 590

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