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Diamond Trucks delivers the first fully electric skip lift Truck in Northern Ireland.

Diamond Trucks is thrilled to announce that they have completed the delivery of the first fully electric skip lift truck in Northern Ireland to Waste and resource management company, RiverRidge. This new addition to the company's fleet is part of its ambitious and market leading campaign to reduce the carbon footprint of its transport services by 75%. This comes as part of its plan to transition its fleet to zero carbon engines within the next 15 years.

The fully electric skip lift truck in question was a Renault Trucks E-tech D wide 4x2 with hyva skip loader equipment. This successful handover was facilitated by our accomplished sales representative, Matthew Keys who expressed his enthusiasm with the following statement “We are delighted that RiverRidge has selected the Renault Trucks E-Tech D for its first fully electric skip loader, leading the way in its transition to a zero-carbon future with a cleaner, quieter vehicle that delivers even more sustainably for its customers.”

River Ridge recently secured a new service level agreement with international ship builder and defense contractor, Harland & Wolff, which is where this Renault E tech D range truck will see most of its activity thanks to a new contract agreement that has been made between these two companies.

Harland & Wolff were very enthusiastic about this arrangement with their waste management coordinator, Scott Argue stating : "We are thrilled to be partnering with RiverRidge as they deliver Northern Ireland’s first and only fully electric skip lift vehicle. As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, we are keen to work with businesses and explore how we can lower our carbon footprint, creating more sustainable ways of working. The development of zero-carbon facilities will no doubt make a positive impact on our sustainability goals, and, at a time when our yard is buzzing with activity, RiverRidge’s technology is both incredibly useful and an important step forward in sustainable technology."

As previously mentioned by Brett Ross, the CEO of RiverRidge "Innovation is in our DNA". Therefore it is no surprise that RiverRidge has become the first company in Northern Ireland to adopt a fully electric skip lift truck to its fleet. They have consistently taken the lead in the waste management sector. Standing as the sole waste management operator to establish a substantial waste-to-energy facility situated in the Belfast Harbour Estate, the company has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

According to the insights shared in the 2023 Annual Sustainability Report, RiverRidge has achieved an impressive 69% reduction in the carbon footprint linked to the disposal of a tonne of residual household waste since its inception in 2011. This significant progress underscores the company's dedication to adopting pioneering techniques and processes within the waste stream.

Diamond Trucks is very happy to have played a crucial role in RiverRidge's sustainability journey by delivering them the first and only fully electric skip lift truck in Northern Ireland and we look forward to continuing our partnership in fostering a greener and more environmentally responsible future for waste management in the region.

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