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Diamond Trucks secure major 30-truck deal with Freeburn Transport.

Freeburn Transport has been a long standing customer of Diamond Trucks since their initial purchase of a used 2011 Renault truck from the dealership back in 2016. Building on their positive history with the Renault Trucks brand and the service they have received from Diamond Trucks over the years, Freeburn Transport was able to confidently place a substantial order with Diamond Trucks. This order consists of 30 brand-new Renault T High 520 Tractor units, scheduled to be delivered over the course of the next 6 months

Rian Doyle, the fleet manager at Freeburn transport said that they see many benefits with running their fleet from the same manufacturer. This volume order comes not only as a result of their experience with the Renault trucks brand, but mainly from the people at Diamond trucks and the service they provide. Rian Doyle was quoted saying "It’s down to Iain and his team at Diamond Trucks and the service they provide – it is second to none. It doesn’t matter what you ask from them, nothing is ever a problem. And backed up by the excellent service we receive at Diamond Trucks, this is the main reason we have placed this order, and why we deal with Diamond Trucks". Freeburn Transport will havea total of 55 Renault trucks in their fleet upon completion of this volume order of T Highs from Diamond Trucks.

The order comes as part of a fully inclusive repair and maintenance package. Iain Latimer, the Dealer principal at Diamond Trucks who completed this deal was quoted saying "This is a major investment by the customer, and is also a sizeable customer order for us to get". He followed on by saying "It’s nice to get the trucks back into the workshop, and it also fixes costs for the customer. The customer also has the confidence that if they have any issues they can contact any Renault Truck dealer throughout the network in the UK & Ireland with any issues, and they know they will get the truck sorted out".

As part of this comprehensive repair and maintenance package, Diamond Trucks will not only service the vehicles but also conduct MOT testing when required. When asked why Freeburn Transport chose the full repair and maintenance package, Rian explained, "A big thing for us at Freeburn is the fixing of our costs – we know how much each of these trucks is going to cost us over a year, and that’s very important in our business"

The latest Renault Trucks T High 520 Tractor unit perfectly suited the needs of Freeburn Transport. Designed for optimal efficiency, performance, and comfort, these highly-spec'd T High units are equipped with Renault Trucks' premium 13-liter engine, delivering a maximum power output of 390 kW between 1431 and 1700 rpm, with peak torque of 2550 Nm available from 990 to 1400 rpm.

The trucks come with custom liveries, representing Freeburn Transport's distinctive red and white colors, complemented by twin air horns. Inside the cab, there is a strong emphasis on driver comfort, featuring a luxurious adjustable, heated, and ventilated driver's seat, a leather steering wheel, a serenity bunk, heat-insulated cab walls, air conditioning, and insulated cab curtains. They also come with a multimedia touchscreen and a 40-liter fridge.

Freeburn Transport have also recently taken delivery of a Renault Master van which has also been supplied by Renault trucks. This van will be utilized for on road repairs for their trailers. On this delivery, Rian said "The service we get is that good for the lorries, why not buy a van from them as well!".

In conclusion, Diamond Trucks is delighted that Freeburn Transport has chosen to partner with them for this substantial order in 2024. Diamond Trucks takes pride in the exceptional aftersales support and service they provide, and they are thrilled to see that this commitment is valued by their customers. Diamond Trucks look forward to continue building a long lasting relationship with Freeburn transport.

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